The Community is Us

The high street’s disappearing,

Its loss we all lament.

The community’s gone with it,

Our spirit has been spent.

We’ve lost our local tradesmen,

The shops we used to love,

Replaced with supermarkets,

Where too much is not enough.

We’d like it to be different,

But the fault is none of ours.

The decisions made on our behalf,

By those above with powers.

I can’t solve all the problems,

There’s only one of me.

I don’t have time – it’s not my job,

I’m busy can’t you see?

The politicians, they should help.

Answers! We want more.

We’re disengaged and angry,

We’re struggling and we’re poor.

Fame and fortune has a voice,

Celebrity is lauded,

But if you’re rich don’t empathise.

I doubt you’ll be applauded.

And therein lies the problem,

A divide from rich to poor,

Fuelled by our consumption,

We’ll be happier with more.

The system’s wrong, we’re all a part,

We’ve just become too greedy.

Collectively we’re all to blame,

For an underclass of needy.

It’s hard to make a call to arms,

When we’re the enemy,

So how to rally up the troops,

Without a mutiny?

Lets mutually collaborate,

On things that make life better.

Lets not take sides, it’s zero sum,

We’re all in this together.

Support your local business,

Involve yourself with things,

Encourage those around you,

Engage with what life brings.

Spend a Sunday once a month,

Picking up some litter.

Meet friendly locals, have a chat,

And get a little fitter.

Paint a great big picture,

With people everywhere.

Hang it in the library,

For everyone to share.

Chat with all your neighbours,

They’re a friendly bunch, I’m sure.

Share some smiles amongst yourselves,

They’re just outside your door.

Initiatives are active,

Some need help to start.

Lets all join in and make the sum,

Greater than its parts.

We can make a difference,

Of success we’ll make a fuss,

Lets ignore the ‘them’ – they don’t exist,

Lets focus on the us.


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